June 15, 2023

Dr. Fig is an excellent listener

I started working with Dr. Fig in May of this year with the goal to appropriately reduce the number of medications I am taking for various conditions. First, Dr. Fig is an excellent listener, this is important. He also takes the time to understand the situation and provides input based on his research, this is also important. We are currently reducing medications I take for GERD while incorporating a homeopathic remedy into my daily routine. Since starting the remedy, I have noticed increased energy, a greatly improved mood which has fortunately transmitted to my two puppies who are barking significantly less. I appreciate my functional physician team members; however, Dr. Fig has provided me with more useful and relatable information in the month that we have been working together than my team has over the last decade. Thank you, Dr. Fig, for building out your practice so that others may benefit from your knowledge and kindness.

- Skylar A